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Gamma Tuff Net

Gamma Tuff Net

The GAMMA Tuff Net is a very durable net, with a heavy net body and double netting on the top 6 rows. This net is available standard dimensions with a 4-ply heavy duty woven duck polyester headband or with an all-weather vinyl headband.

• Net Body - 3.0mm braided polyethylene, double top 6 rows
• Headband - 4-ply heavy duty woven duck polyester
• Net Cable - 47' vinyl coated galvanized steel cable
• Lacing Rods - 7/16" x 39" fiberglass
• Dimensions - 42' wide x 42" tall
• Shipping Weight - 20 lbs.
• Warranty - 3 years pro-rated
• Recommended Use - year-round in temperate climates, seasonal outdoor in extreme climates, indoor